Barbara Szarfranski posing a angel on a cliff

Also you can book tickets here for the Salem Smugglers' Tour or online at

Salem Smugglers' Tour

The Secret History of Salem and America!

Chris Dowgin of Salem Smugglers' Tour on Essex Street in Salem in the 1800's

Learn about Presidential assassinations, the birth of the Federal Reserve, the murder that inspired the game Clue, and other fabulous ways Salem has affected your lives up to the modern day! Tour based on the books Salem Secret Underground:The History of the Tunnels in the City and Sub Rosa!

Click on the image to see the tunnels under Angelica of the Angels!!!

Tunnels under Angelica of the Angels and old Almy site

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Angelica of the Angels started on Valentine's Day in 1990 and has stood the test of time. Lead by Rev. Barbara, the Salem Love Psychic, Angelica of the Angel's specializes in a variety of psychic readings to help guide you to your relationship goals in life. Our highly accurate psychic readers are top notch in guiding you on your journey through life to your own personal bliss. So, Stop in, book online above, or call to book a reading today.

Barbara's Book Burnt Toast and Oranges: The Miss Adventures of the Salem Love Psychic is almost off the presses; email us for advance book orders.

Also we will be premiering a new look to our store on Cinco De Mayo Day; May 5th. Before then come and check out our new storefront window design and book a reading with us. Also come by and see how psychic you are by guessing how much chocolate is in the jar in the front window and win a free reading from the Salem Love Psychic! Also come by a light one of our prayer candles for a loved one who needs a little help!

Later this year, look forward to a possible TV show featuring Barbara...

We also have a native speaking Latina to help you with your shopping needs and translate your readings for you. ¿Hablamos español, sí!

Plus we offer various gift ideas for women and men, a full line of new age / spiritual items, angel statuary, psychic classes, and spiritual services to serve you in our shop, at your home, or at your event. Click here to find out more!

192 Essex Street under the World Famous Almy's Clock on the Pedestrian Walkway. Take your picture under the clock #Almy'sClock and share. Can you take the coolest picture? Monthly Prize will be given out...

Shop Hours: Monday through Sunday 11am-5pm

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