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Barbara Szafranski

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Rev. Barbara

"The Salem Love Psychic"


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Founder Reverend Barbara E. Szafranski, the Love Psychic, created the shop on Valentine's Day in 1991 to share with the world her skills and mastery of spiritual and metaphysical studies.  She is a gifted reader, teacher, lecturer, and spiritual counselor. The Salem Love Psychic has been studying metaphysics for over 35 years under established spiritual readers and psychics such as Dr. Earl Myer, Rev. Phyliss Ryder, and Rev. Ida Donadio.

She is a Reverend in the society of Melchizedek, Sanctuary of the Beloved, a member in the Society Bridge to Freedom, the Rosicrucian Order, the Martinist Order, and the Winged Disk. In the field of healing, she is a Reiki Master, Magnified Healer, and Energy Worker. She also has a Master Degree in Psychology.

As an experienced reader and skilled lecturer, she offers her healing practices and spiritual readings to help guide you in a positive direction.  Plus her spiritual staff offers a wide variety of quality genuine services. These include love readings, classes, love and kindness meditations, workshops, aura photography.

Her specialties include:

Psychic Readings    House Parties    Mediumship    Channeling    Lectures    Classes

Barbara is one of the many qualified caring psychics at Angelica of the Angels. Stop in today for a reading by Barbara or book an appointment in advance by phone. Click Here for our Menu of Pricing! Also look forward for her new book Burnt Toast and Oranges: The Miss Adventures of Salem's Love Psychic.

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