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Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin


Chris has been helping people through their lives ever since he was 11. Many times at his parent's events he had found himself providing an ear and counseling to adults 4 times his age throughout the years. He has a light people are drawn to. An old soul with the cromag brow to prove it...

For many years he has helped people understand their limitations that were created during their childhood. When nothing traumatic happens within a family for several generations a subtle information of how to raise your child gets passed along seamlessly, but once trauma takes at least 6 generations for that family to adequately gather enough information to pass their children through all of the developmental matrixes successfully. Chris helps you understand what matrix is missing, to identify when the trauma in your family tree occurred, to offer forgiveness, remove yourself from familiar harm, and to develop through that matrix. For otherwise, no matter how grand is the palace of your life you might build it is no more than castles in the sand below the high tide mark.

Now Chris is mostly practicing higher alchemy helping those who have self actualized create new sciences, art, inventions, and projects. He strives to help your strategic planning. He heads the Salem Junto of self -motivated individuals in a master mind group helping each other bring about their bliss which they endeavor to share with their communities.

Chris has been giving psychic readings using runes and tarot for over 20 years now. He is an expert dream interpreter pulling his knowledge from world mythology, religions, intuition, and Jungian psychology. Also he is an excellent medium who has helped countless souls move past the homes they were trapped in. Chris can help you talk to those loved ones on the other side. He can also counsel those souls and inform you how they are psychologically progressing on the other side.

Also he has helped several souls during the first two weeks after death ease their transition from this world and choose which dimension they are ready for. If you are concerned about helping a soul of light make the transition, Chris can help you.

Chris is one of the many qualified caring psychics at Angelica of the Angels. Stop in today for a reading by Chris or book an appointment in advance by phone. Click Here for our Menu of Pricing!

Also Chris is the owner of the Salem Smugglers' Tour. Tickets can be bought here at Angelica of the Angels.Plus he is the owner of Salem House Press and has written 13 books.


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